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Phuket has very good golf courses, Blue Canyon - Lakes Course, Blue Canyon - Canyon Course, Mission Hills, Phuket Laguna, Phuket Golf Club, Banyan Tree Golf Club, Phuket Country Club, Loch Palm Golf Club, Red Mountain Golf Course, Phunaka Golf Course. All of which have been designed to take full advantage of the island's tropical climate and unique topography. Many visitors come solely to play golf around the beautifully landscaped courses, which make use of the local abundance of water and trees to full extent. Many of the courses ensure that accompanying family members rarely complain about being left to bathe by the pool or on the beach. Standards are high and the holes are challenging enough to get new and experienced players thinking. Some of the courses have even been used for international PGA Tournaments and World Championships.

It's not something you'll see everyday in Bognor, Berlin or Basildon, but you will walk past a shop on a main road and inside is a row of comfy chairs with footstools, each occupied by a tourist with trousers rolled up around their knees. At their feet kneel Thai women, kneading those overworked hoofs while a little further along is a similar place, but here the tourists are lying flat out on comfortable mats, being pulled and stretched into star shaped objects again by local Thai women. All the tourists have their eyes shut and seem to be in total ecstasy.

The tropical waters of the Andaman Sea are ideal for snorkeling, clear, calm and bursting with brilliant marine life. Snorkeling can be done year round in Phuket, but the best time of year is November - April, when the sea is at it's most placid. Take care though from May to October, low season, when the undertow can become dangerously strong along the west coast. The warm water temperature (27-28°C) meaning that snorkellers don't need to wear wetsuits, though wearing a t-shirt is advised to prevent getting sunburnt. At some beaches it is possible to rent snorkeling gear for the day, though it may not be of great quality. There are many shops around the Phuket that will sell a range of masks and various snorkelling equipment. Sea Kayaking around Phang Nga Bay and Krabi is an amazing experience you cant miss. Discover a hidden world as your canoe weaves it's way through a network of limestone caves, to reveal the mysterious hidden world of the "Hongs". The "hongs" are actually collapsed cave systems in the interior of each island, only accessed by tough, purpose designed inflatable canoes through sea caves at low tide. Open to the sky and filled with jungle flora, the "hongs" conceal a unique eco-system consisting of monkeys, birds, fish, and apart from the sound of the sea it is dead quiet. Local folk so far have gained access to dozens of "hongs" between Phang Nga, Naithon and Krabi to the south. Each hong tends to have its own character and it's easy to spend days, even a week, visiting island after island!