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For many, the sun, the beach and partying go hand in hand. Phuket Nightlife has a reputation as a partying hotspot it is well deserved, with an international crowd. From go-go bars, ladyboy cabaret shows, discos and clubs, live bands to international DJs, there is everything which makes Thailand's party scene famous the world over. While most parts of the island have their own small party scene, the place to be after dark is Bangla Road in Patong, with its bright neon lights, loud music and crowds of young party lovers.

White Room Nightclub is an old and well-known name on Patong Beach's famous Bangla Road, but one which has undergone a major re-vamp, providing a large, chic and modern party space. The first class lighting rigs and sound systems along with some top talents on the decks make it a fantastic place to visit while it's design give a feeling of sophistication. The impressively large dance floor in the middle of the long room is filled with trendy young dancers with a good mix of the latest music. Closer to the entrance, before the floor, is the main bar and seating. Beers and house pours at the bar start at around 130 Baht.

If you're still hungry for more stimulation at the end of the day you won't be disappointed by the range of entertainment and nightlife Phuket has to offer. Nearly all the tourist areas have bars where you can enjoy a beer, though you will need to head over to the main nightlife areas such as Patong or Phuket City for a more vibrant atmosphere. For discos and nightclubs and the widest variety of bars, Patong is the place to go.

Go-Go bars in Phuket are a big part of the nightlife scene, with visitors of various ages seeking out the bright neon lights of Bangla Road for a fun and lively night out with friends. Of course, the company of pretty girls wearing very few clothes is also an attraction, and the fact they are always up for a laugh and a joke makes things even better. The typical layout of a Phuket go-go bar has seating around the edge of the room, where the patrons are joined by some of the staff for a drink, buying lady drinks usually cost around 220 Baht, whereas regular drinks cost around 150 Baht. These girls each take their turn on the central stage, moving to the music around a chrome pole with varying degrees of rhythm and enthusiasm. There are good and bad go-go bars in Phuket, and clueless punters can go from designer bars with friendly staff to dark and dingy places where the only talent on show is the ability for the girls on the poles to sleep while standing up. Some of the better places resonate to the sound of a spanking with foam bats, which produce a great sound with virtually no pain, ah well, it's all just harmless fun!